About the Region

Few people manage to stay away once they’ve set foot on this piece of African paradise.

The landlocked country of Botswana offers a unique experience to all fortunate enough to venture here. From the lavish wildlife and unspoiled nature to the friendliness of the Botswana people

The capital of Gaborone is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and also home to the majority of Botswana’s population of 2 million. Conveniently located 15km from the South African border and only 4 hours drive from Johannesburg, it boasts an interesting history and vast business opportunities for locals and internationals alike.

Okavango Delta

Botswana is truly a tourist paradise. The Okavango Delta in the north offers a wonderland of fringe waterways, islands and a plethora of wildlife and unrivalled birdwatching. Here you can take a ride on a makoro, cast a line for some African Tigerfish, enjoy a viewing of the lush wildlife by boat or watch the sunset from the comfort of a lodge patio.

San Bushmen

The Kalahari covers the largest part of Botswana’s surface and boasts equally stunning views and unforgettable experiences. A guided walk with the San Bushmen will reveal many of the hidden treasures this seemingly desolate area has to offer. The Kalahari is known for it’s breathtaking sunsets, exceptional wildlife, beautiful scenery and bright starry nights.